AXMAP Inc. was incorporated in Alberta, Canada on Feb  1st, 2020. AXMAP Inc. has a team of strong researchers and developers with more than 20 years of geospatial research, software development, technology commercialization, sales, and marketing experience.

The main business of AXMAP Inc. is to provide innovative solutions and services for all industries that use geospatial data, including spatial big data mining, geospatial data visualization, geographic information systems (GIS) integration, remote sensing images acquiring and processing, asset and personnel tracking, 3D displaying and virtual reality (VR).

AXMAP Inc. also commits to provide high quality mobile iOS and Android system designing and developing. Our design flow will provide complete concepts and high fidelity prototypes. We are practitioners of lean thinking, concerned much about customers’ goals, and the value that our work brings to customers. We always pay more attention to communication.